Warranty policy



We have after-sales service points and overseas warehouses in various areas, along with a specialized after-sales team that offers professional maintenance services. The repair process will be tailored to the specific situation of your e-bike. At Joieem, we are committed to providing the most efficient service, ensuring comfortable protection for every trip you take.

We have after-sales locations in North America, Canada, the European Union (except Malta, Cyprus, and the outermost regions of the EU), the United Kingdom, and Australia to help you solve your problems quickly.

If our after-sales location does not cover your area, we suggest that you give priority to troubleshooting and simple repair according to our instructions in the electronic manual and video file on the JOIEEM APP; Based on your feedback, the remedies available are: We first instruct you to do a simple repair yourself, and the defective component will be replaced with another original component or another equivalent component. If not solved, in accordance with the warranty terms, please contact our official customer service support@joieem.com, and we will solve the problem for you the first time.


This limited warranty is only available to original owners of e-bikes purchased online or in-store from JOIEEM. The warranty period begins on the date you receive the e-Bike and shall end immediately upon the expiration of the warranty period or upon the sale or transfer of the e-Bike to another person, whichever is earlier, and in no event shall the Limited warranty extend to any subsequent owner or another transferee of the e-Bike.

The warranty does not cover any consumables: any non-original or unauthorized components and parts, normal wear and tear of any included components, any damage or defect of the included components resulting from failure to follow the instructions in the user manual, force majeure, accidents, theft, vandalism, abuse, negligence, commercial use, alteration, modification, improper assembly, operating error, damage, extreme riding, etc Technical riding or improper/unauthorized maintenance and service.

With respect to batteries, the warranty does not cover damage caused by power surges, improper charger use, improper maintenance or other such abuse, normal wear and tear or water damage, and improper storage (below -10˚C to above 45˚C).

Note: Worn parts (including but not limited to tires, inner tubes, brake pads, handle covers, and spokes) are not covered by the 2-year warranty, if these parts are required, we will still provide support for some reasonable fee.


You are entitled to a 2-year JOIEEM warranty (5 years for the frame) against defects from the date of delivery.


Expressly limited to the replacement of defective lithium-ion batteries (" batteries "), frames, front forks, handlebars, bowl sets, seat tubes, disc brake clamps, barrel shafts, rims, crank sets, feet, belts, flywheels, headlights, taillights, atmosphere lights, torque central shafts, motors, controllers, waterproof cables, chargers, LCD screens, reflectors (each of which is a "covered component"). (2 years)The frame (5 years)


Please first contact and inform JOIEEM customer service at support@joieem.com. We ask for proof of purchase and the most detailed description of the problem as well as photos and/or video materials. Please note that until the issue is fully resolved, you should stop using the product for your safety.

Before taking any further action, you should always contact JOIEEM Customer Service for the warranty process and obtain our prior notice and authorization. If you or a third party attempts to repair the product without prior notice of JOIEEM's authorization, the warranty is void.